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If you think that Indian attire cannot be fit for the west, here are elegant and exquisite yet ethnic gowns breaking all those beliefs! Angers chale gaye lekin gown chodgaye, and we Indians have even managed to improvise their gowns! Gowns have evolved in such ways that now it is a staple to be worn for the fattest of Indian weddings! From the aunties rocking the cocktail parties in them to the Bride who looks simply the best on the reception stage! From traditional embroidered gowns to chic cold shoulders or ultramodern tube style gowns and halter neck gowns, Manndola.com has something modish and fusion wear for everyone! Gowns are a perfect and easy breezy replacement to fancy lehengas especially if you wish to go for a Traditional yet Modern look.

The international silhouette paired with traditional Indian fabric embellished with stones, sequins or embroidery, you are bound to look breath taking! What makes this better is its acceptability in multiple cultures! Wear it for a Punjabi shaadi, a Muslim Nikah, Gujarati Lagan or a Christian Wedding and it fits into all the cultures! Guess what makes it better! We at Manndola.com havecuts to flaunt your personal body types! Bodycon for that “oh so hot” look, A-line when you want to look all “princessy” and straight cut when you wish to turn heads! Pair it with a dupatta or a jacket and pump the look with heels or statement jewelry. The look is simply yours to own! Make it fancy or fusion, just how you like it! What takes it a notch higher is the freedom to embellish on any part of the gown and never go wrong! Unlike the saree where embellishments are usually limited to the pallu and the border, here the entire garment is your canvas! Embellishments around the neckline, little motifs on the sleeves, a cut at the back and a slit around the leg for extra style and comfort! A gown can be as simple as you like and as over the top as you dare! If you wish to flaunt your pedi or rock your favorite pair of heels, you can opt for a cropped gown or ankle length gown!

This glorious piece of art is a perfect blend of Indian and Western that also helps you flow around the party like you were made to own it! And guess what? One look at the latest gown designs that Manndola.com offers and you will feel like buying them all! Wear to your prom or your farewell and even convocation! So what if you are away from home and mom is not here to help you drape a saree? The latest gown styles from Manndola.com are your safest bet to blend in and yet pamper the Indian in you while you study or live abroad! If you are living abroad, Manndola.com also offers worldwide express delivery. So, if you are hunting for Indian Salwar Kameez and Wedding Gowns we are here to take care of all your worries! Infact we have so many choices to pamper you with that you might just get overwhelmed with them all! We have the perfect match for you whenever you think of gowns to wear to a wedding and rock it in style with jewelry, heels or a tiny clutch to store your favorite lipstick and mascara handy! Moreover, online gown shopping is even more fun with Manndola.com’s live chat or virtual assistant feature! All your doubts and problems will be solved in one go, instantly! Manndola.com offers you the perks of offline shopping such as interaction while you shop online from the comfort of your homes! It is as simple as click, click, go! And boom, delivered to you to rock it in your personal style! So what are you waiting for? Browse by color, style, cuts, embellishments, size, sleeves and fabric! For any doubts or queries, you have our virtual assistant! Select, Add to Card and Ready to wear! Its that simple!

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