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  1. MHST-11308.jpg
    Special Price ₹4,930 Regular Price ₹9,860
    Graceful Pink Party Wear Saree
  2. VLR-2001.jpg
    Special Price ₹4,307 Regular Price ₹8,614
    Amazing Pink Party Wear Sarees
  3. TFH-24011.jpg
    Special Price ₹5,227 Regular Price ₹10,454
    Amazing Pink PartyWear Sarees
  4. MHST-11413.jpg
    Special Price ₹5,317 Regular Price ₹10,634
    Amazing Pink Partywear Saree
  5. MHST-11403.jpg
    Special Price ₹4,257 Regular Price ₹8,514
    Pleasing Pink PartyWear Saree
  6. RV-10051.jpg
    Special Price ₹5,262 Regular Price ₹10,524
    Splendid Pink Party Wear Saree
  7. TFH-5108.jpg
    Special Price ₹5,542 Regular Price ₹11,084
    Gorgeous Pink Partywear Saree
  8. SLKM-5809.jpg
    Special Price ₹6,494 Regular Price ₹12,988
    Exclusive Sea Blue Party Wear Saree
  9. ANML-1901.jpg
    Special Price ₹6,052 Regular Price ₹12,104
    Bewitching Pink Net Party Wear Saree
  10. MHST-13411.jpg
    Special Price ₹4,692 Regular Price ₹9,384
    Charming Peach Party Wear Sarees
  11. MHST-11111.jpg
    Special Price ₹2,585 Regular Price ₹5,169
    Mesmerizing Pink Party Wear Saree
  12. MHST-11108.jpg
    Special Price ₹3,645 Regular Price ₹7,289
    Tempting Pink Party Wear Saree
  13. TAST-3009.jpg
    Special Price ₹5,406 Regular Price ₹10,812
    Beautiful Pink Party Wear Saree
  14. CRAL-5112.jpg
    Special Price ₹9,520 Regular Price ₹19,040
    Hot Pink Party Wear Saree
  15. SLKM-5602.jpg
    Special Price ₹6,562 Regular Price ₹13,124
    Bewitching Pink Party Wear Saree
  16. RTST-74010.jpg
    Special Price ₹2,699 Regular Price ₹5,398
    Hot Pink Party Wear Silk Saree
  17. TSKE-22014.jpg
    Special Price ₹4,556 Regular Price ₹9,111
    Feel Adorable In Pink Party Wear Embroidered Saree
  18. TFH-21018.jpg
    Special Price ₹4,000 Regular Price ₹7,999
    Pink Party Wear Embroidered Saree
  19. TFH-21015.jpg
    Special Price ₹4,000 Regular Price ₹7,999
    Light Pink Party Wear Embroidered Saree
  20. TFH-21009.jpg
    Special Price ₹4,000 Regular Price ₹7,999
    Stunning Pink Party Wear Embroidered Saree

23 Items

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Why I wear sarees?

Were you not mesmerized as a little girl when you saw your mother wear a saree? 6 yards of fabric that never seemed to end was draped so gracefully! A tuck here and another there and voila! She looked like a piece of beauty! And if you were a little more observant, did you notice how the fabrics, patterns and style of draping was different in every culture? The Gujarati Seedha Palla, Rajasthani Ghoongat and South Indian Coorgi way! Oh and each of them have their own fabrics and weaves, Gujaratis embrace their Patola Silks, Rajathanis their Kota Doriya with Gota embellishments, South Indian Kanjeevarams and Banarasi slk weaves!

Now can you imagine a Banarasi saree with a zari border? Or a simply Modern Fabulous drape can turn you to Indowestern or fusion wear. That is the kind of things that offers! The best part of a saree is you can be sexy and elegant at the same time. Show just as much skin you want, but the drapes always make you look like royalty! Be it a traditional saree or a Bollywood inspired one, you will get it all on

Buy Online Designer Sarees makes your online bollywood salwar suits shopping experience a cake walk as you can filter by your choice of fabrics if you wish for a georgette saree, chiffon saree, printed sarees, or even based on embellishments such as embroidered designer saree , partywear saree or wedding wear. We also offer worldwide express shipping and guarantee utmost customer satisfaction and this is why we have a huge happy customer list. Sarees now are anywhere between 4 yards to 9 yards and are a piece of traditional attire that has now evolved to become a style statement. Be it a toddler wearing one for her fancy dress or a teenager to her school farewell, it is adored by all. Thus, having a saree in wardrobe is not an option but a trend lovingly adopted by one and all.

What makes a saree so loved is its versatility. Pair it with a blouse of your choice and you can dress up or dress down a saree to suit any occasion. A little mix and match and it’s as good as new! Be it a formal gathering or a festival, has a saree for every occasion. is your one stop destination to buy saris online from India to any place in the world. Our worldwide express shipping and free shipping in india will make sure anything you lay your eyes will be yours sooner than you expect!

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