1. MHST-13118.jpg
    Peach Embroidered Partywear Saree
    Special Price ₹4,155 Regular Price ₹7,555
  2. GLST-15011.jpg
    Attractive Wine Partywear Anarkali Suit
    Special Price ₹5,060 Regular Price ₹9,200
  3. 7905.jpg
    Lively Brown Party Wear Lehenga Choli
    Special Price ₹6,903 Regular Price ₹12,550
  4. KMST-16002.jpg
    Hot Red Party Wear Sharara Style Suit
    Special Price ₹4,770 Regular Price ₹10,600
  5. GMST-64001.jpg
    Majestic Green Party Wear Anarkali Style Suit
    Special Price ₹5,940 Regular Price ₹10,800
  6. SWST-6007.jpg
    Alluring Royal Blue Party Wear Anarkali Style Suit
    Special Price ₹5,719 Regular Price ₹10,398
  7. KMST-15302.jpg
    Arresting Magenta Party Wear Palazzo Style Suit
    Special Price ₹4,400 Regular Price ₹7,999
  8. D-8891.jpg
    An Artistic Black Straight Cut Style Suit
    Special Price ₹4,619 Regular Price ₹8,399

    Manndola : Ethnic Wear for the New Age Women

    We Indian women might rock our meetings and conferences in trousers and blazers, but when it comes to going on stage and getting that award, 9 out of 10 times it is going to be in 6 yards of elegance draped to perfection.That is exactly what ethnic clothing is to Manndola.com, it is not just tradition, but a statement. Our designs symbolize this modern women acing everything she lays her hands on, moving forward in life ready to conquer the world with her traditions and morals at heart.

    India has been home to some of the world’s finest fabrics like silk and linen and embellishments such as embroidery and zardozi since times immemorial. Manndola.com takes these traditional patterns and weaves and curates stylish pieces with western influences for the new age women ready to take on the world. No matter what your school of thought says, Manndola.com has something in store for everyone. You can rock our lehengas the traditional way or pair it with corset blouses or peplum fits and dress like you are walking the Cannes. Ethnic clothing has always held a special place in our hearts. It is reserved for special occasions such as festivals and celebrations. What makes it even special is its evolution over the years, changing as per times. Thus, it makes sure that you stand out, no matter what.

    Our garments make sure your attire speaks volumes as you style it as per your traditions and mood. Wear with classic polki sets or rustic oxidized jewelry, pair with metal clutches or high heels, or simply mix and match; our range of apparels is versatile to make your own while you express your culture with your clothes. Manndola.com’s collection of ethnic wear is all about eternal grace that takes you back to your cultures and sartorial roots. We believe in changing the face of ethnic fashion to suit modern taste buds without compromising on our traditional values. We also believe in designing pieces that blend traditions and let you create your own statement. Combinations like shararas and blouses with flared dupattas that blend traditions from different cultures and times into one single piece. We believe in love at first sight! Come explore our designs and choose apparel that makes you love yourself!

    We offer all of this with comfort being our priority. Our designs are comfortable to wear and comfortable to buy. Choose your favorite outfits from the comfort of your home and enjoy with our express worldwide shipping. To make sure that you are updated with the latest trends, we keep adding latest designs on a timely basis. Treat our website like your own personal closet, updated for every occasion. Our Blogs section even helps you keep in check with the latest styling trends and gives you new tips and tricks to up your fashion game! We suggest that you follow us on social media to get regular updates about our latest offers and trends. What makes Manndola.com stand out are some of its promising features such as:

    • Perfect blend of traditional and modern apparel that suits occasions such as festivals, weddings and gatherings.
    • Our variety in styles including, but not limited to hues, prints, inspirations, fabrics, embellishments and patterns.
    • The versatility in our garments making it fit to mix and max for a novice looks every time.
    • We make sure our designs are such that they stand true to time and do not feel outdated or out of style.

    So what are you waiting for? Come shop on Manndola.com, feed your desires and look ravishing and elegant for every occasion!

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