5 Best things about Eid Ul Fitr

Every religion around the globe has its own way to remember god. This time of the year is the time of remembering the mighty Allah.

Islamic people all around the globe observe fast throughout a month, which is called Ramadhan. Allah wanted to followers to come off their comfort zone and get rid of their bad habits or addictions which hold them back. All Muslims follow this advice of Allah as order and do fasting throughout the month.
During this holy month, Islamic followers read 5-time namaz. They eat during the night and do fasting in the daytime.

When Ramzan ends, all followers celebrate EID. Fasting is forbidden on Eid. It’s a time when everyone shows gratitude to Allah and remembers him.

5 Best things about Eid

1). End of Ramadan

As mentioned in Quran, Allah commanded his followers to do fasting until last day of Ramadan, so all followers around the globe do the celebration when Ramadan ends and it called Eid. Eid is the best thing, as it marks the end of Ramadan Fasting.

2). Zakat

Among five pillars of Islam ( Shahada,Salat, Zakat, Sawm, Hajj)
Zakat is one of them, which is a very important thing to do. It’s a religious tax that a wealthy Muslim has to pay as part of his responsibility towards society and religion.


3). Food

After a long Month of Ramadan, Muslims around the globe have a large celebration. They cook delicious food with different style.

Iftari - Eid Food

4). Eidi

Eid is not just a holy festival but also a day when whole families come together and celebrate. They all gather up and eat delicious food. Elders give Eidi to the younger one. This is a most important part of Eid celebration for Small children.


5). Clothing

Eid is the biggest celebration for all Muslims around the globe. It’s a festival of Joy and fun. Especially for women, they all prefer to wear heavy Anarkali, Aline, or Lehenga Style Suit. For this celebration, Women generally start purchasing before one month prior to EID. Manndola.com itself celebrates by having huge EID Sale, in which they offer discounts up to 60 %. Women prefer a heavily embroidered suit and Manndola.com is well known for its quality and style. There is nothing like Eid Sale.



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